A taste of things to come

Keeping with the Shadows and Teeth theme in the run-up to the official release of Shadows and Teeth, vol. 2 (Apr. 30th by the way, in case you haven’t bookmarked it already), the folks over at Darkwater Syndicate have released a little snippet of what to expect from the horror tome.

May I present to you Toll Road, just one of the many entries in the upcoming anthology Shadows and Teeth, vol. 2. Written by the extremely talented Antonio Simon, Jr.Toll Road follows the adventures, or rather, misadventures, of Merritt Owen Galloway, when a seemingly ordinary job goes awry.

I hope you find this story as creepy and engaging as I did. And remember, if you like the story, look out for Shadows and Teeth, vol. 2, coming to you Apr. 30th 2017 through various distributors!

Toll Road by Antonio Simon, Jr,


Of shadows, teeth and syndicates

Back when I first started self publishing my stories in 2016, I always felt I was doing this because it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing. I listed all my short stories permanently for free and went with Smashwords because they had a pretty good delivery network (the e-books I write also get distributed to iBooks, B&N and Kobo among others). I still haven’t figured out how to distribute books for free on Amazon though, so if anything I ever write does end up on Amazon it would probably be an anthology of all my work, just to make it worth the price of entry. I guess you could say I was really thrilled just to get my work out there and have people actually read it (though there’s an argument to be made about whether folks who download your free e-book actually read it vs someone who paid a small fee to buy it. More on that in another post).

So when I got an email from Darkwater Syndicate (DS for short), needless to say I was ecstatic! Here was someone who not only read my work, but actually had a positive opinion about it. What I didn’t know at the time was that DS was an independent book publishing company. They actually wanted to include my story, A Murder of Crows, in their upcoming horror short story anthology Shadows & Teeth Vol. 2 (obligatory nightmare inducing book cover for reference)!


And boy, their editors worked wonders with my story. They took it places I didn’t know it could even go. They polished it from top to toe and I’m thoroughly impressed with the final result. I’m really proud to announce I will be published in Shadows and Teeth vol. 2. come April 30th 2017 when it is officially released!

Fumbling in February

Here we are, one month into the new year. And guess what? No new short story yet. Again, I am frustrated by my inability to churn out great material with anything resembling consistent frequency. I did start a few different stories (which I may some day eventually finish), but I never did find that spark with any of them. You know what I’m talking about. That love at first sight  moment. Writers have that too you know. Only thing is we have them for inanimate objects (Harry from In Bruges anyone?) like a mug of coffee and a well written read.

Though probably some of my time the past month was spent being unproductive by design. I took a little vacation to visit some family Down Under. It was refreshing, and I do think I actually stumbled across a few good ideas I could try for February. And that wasn’t all. I did contribute to a couple of writing prompts in reddit (read them here) in the past month. That was a fun experience. I do think I’ll pop by there more often when I’m having a dry spell. The prompts can be…stimulating.

Well…here’s to a hopefully more productive February ahead!