Of shadows, teeth and syndicates

Back when I first started self publishing my stories in 2016, I always felt I was doing this because it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing. I listed all my short stories permanently for free and went with Smashwords because they had a pretty good delivery network (the e-books I write also get distributed to iBooks, B&N and Kobo among others). I still haven’t figured out how to distribute books for free on Amazon though, so if anything I ever write does end up on Amazon it would probably be an anthology of all my work, just to make it worth the price of entry. I guess you could say I was really thrilled just to get my work out there and have people actually read it (though there’s an argument to be made about whether folks who download your free e-book actually read it vs someone who paid a small fee to buy it. More on that in another post).

So when I got an email from Darkwater Syndicate (DS for short), needless to say I was ecstatic! Here was someone who not only read my work, but actually had a positive opinion about it. What I didn’t know at the time was that DS was an independent book publishing company. They actually wanted to include my story, A Murder of Crows, in their upcoming horror short story anthology Shadows & Teeth Vol. 2 (obligatory nightmare inducing book cover for reference)!


And boy, their editors worked wonders with my story. They took it places I didn’t know it could even go. They polished it from top to toe and I’m thoroughly impressed with the final result. I’m really proud to announce I will be published in Shadows and Teeth vol. 2. come April 30th 2017 when it is officially released!


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