My Complete Works

I try not to let genres limit my imagination. Though I have written primarily horror stories, my first published work was a short thriller. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to make the transition to novels, but I feel right now, the format of the short story/novella best fits my ability and attention span.

Until then, here I list down for your enjoyment, every story I have written, published or otherwise, as well as replies to writing prompts in various forums and other websites. Click the links or images to be taken right to the sources.

Short Stories and Novels


No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present

A suspenseful thriller, No Time Like the Present follows our protagonist Jon, as a normal trip to the bank turns on its head.





A Murder of Crows

book_cover_murder_of_crows_final_2We’ve all had problems making a first impression in a new neighborhood. In A Murder of Crows, Danny finds out just how bad things can get when your neighbors are the local wildlife.



Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here explores the lengths that Samantha would go to in order to get what she once had with Morgan back again. If only she knew what she was getting into.



Writing Prompts

All attempts to kill the demon lord have thus far failed. But in a small town, a random blacksmith accidentally forges the highest tier armor possible – plot armor. Hilarity ensues.

This one was an interesting prompt. I’d not written fantasy or particularly humor in a long while so this gave me a chance to stretch those long idle muscles. Look for the comments under username reehdus.

Describe your day as if you were retelling it during a police interrogation.

Another interesting prompt from reddit. I instantly saw an opportunity to link the prompt to a television show I’d recently been watching (and loving!). You’ll know which one once you read the response to this prompt. Again, look for comments under the username reehdus.