Finally the blog is up! Just shy of 2017 so it still counts as a 2016 resolution complete (hehe). If only I could remember what my other resolutions were…

Firstly, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there! 2017 is just around the corner. Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Perhaps writing 1000 words a day? Or finally self publishing that complete manuscript on your desk?

I digress. Welcome to my humble blog. I’m an aspiring writer (yes, another one of those guys/girls), and while I haven’t actually published anything you may have heard of yet, I hope to one day lay siege to bookshelves in bookstores near you.

This site is my journal, where I jot down anything from my muses to musings in an effort to get to know other like-minded individuals and discuss the highs and lows of indie writing.

Feel free to explore the tabs above to get to know me a little better, or see my complete works. Or better yet, drop me a comment or an email if you have something you’d like to talk about.

You can find my author profiles in Smashwords and Goodreads in the sidebar, as well as my published work. Check out my latest story for a taste of what I write about:

Wish You Were Here

I’ll be adding more content in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!!